State Rep. Russell Bedsole (R-Alabaster) responded Monday to Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed's chief of staff Chip Hill's online anti-gun rant in which he dragged Alabama for what he considers lax gun laws leading to more violence.

Montgomery has faced backlash over an increase in gun violence in recent months. Crowds at the Montgomery City Council meetings have grown, with residents expressing their dismay at the level of violent crime in the city. Mayor Reed has been absent from the past two meetings due to out-of-town engagements.

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In seemingly contradictory posts, Hill claimed that Montgomery's crime was not rampant while still blaming gun violence on Alabama's gun laws.

In one tweet, Hill tried to correct a news report about a crime "near downtown Montgomery." Hill stated that the shooting was "nowhere near the downtown business district" when the shots were fired less than a mile-and-a-half from the state capitol.

In another post, Hill attempted to connect the state's gun laws and its rate of gun violence.

Bedsole, who has a lengthy law enforcement career, responded by observing that the same state laws apply to his district, which suffers from a significantly lower level of gun violence.

Hill has yet to respond to Bedsole's observations.

Hill's tweets also recently drew the ire of Republican lawmaker State Rep. Reed Ingram (R-Pike Road), who was the subject of several gun-related observations.

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