With only seven legislative days remaining in the 2022 regular session, gambling legislation remains a possibility, albeit only with long odds according to State Sen. Will Barfoot (R-Pike Road).

Barfoot addressed the possibility the House and the Senate could get a gambling bill, either the so-called comprehensive package offered by State Sen. Greg Albritton (R-Atmore) or the lottery-only approach from State Rep. Chip Brown (R-Hollingers Island) during an interview with Montgomery radio's NewsTalk 93.1 WACV.

He told listeners he did not know if he would bet on passage this year.

"I'll say this: if history is an indication and I think history is a pretty good indication in most things, pardon the pun, I don't know that I'd bet on anything passing," Barfoot said. "However, I do think that anytime when there is a bill filed, even with seven days left, I think there's that possibility. Now, I've said this before on this radio show, and anybody who has listened to me: You won't see me down there on any type of lottery or gambling legislation, waving it on the State House steps, saying, 'We got to have this and it is good for our economy' because quite honestly, I think there are some negatives that follow.

"But two years ago, I voted for the lottery," Barfoot said. "I did so because I thought that it was at that point in time the best piece of legislation if something were going to get to the people to vote on, and I think they absolutely have that right to vote on that if we can get them a good enough piece of legislation. I also think that if anybody says 'I will never vote for' or 'I'll always vote for' a lottery, you've got to really ask them what's their motivation.

"I think there's the possibility [it will pass]. History tells me that it may not happen, but let's look at what's on the paper. I think that's important."

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