State Sen. Chris Elliott (R-Josephine) posted on social media Saturday concerns about the Alabama House gaming bill passed last week.

"The House gambling legislation provides scant protection from casinos in Baldwin County," Elliott tweeted. "A simple subsequent change in the law would allow casinos on Alabama's beaches with only a majority vote of the legislature. We have 8.5 million visitors here each year. They'll be coming. $$$.”

The tweet comes a day after Elliott told FM Talk 106.5 that he didn't believe the legislation could pass in the Senate.

Prior to the passage of HB 152, the enabling legislation in the gambling push, the House passed an amendment offered by Elliott's Baldwin County delegation colleague, State Rep. Matt Simpson (R-Daphne), that, according to Simpson, would block gambling in Baldwin County.

Those changes included license transfer provisions. However, Elliott told 1819 News that it is not HB152 that he's concerned about.

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"My effort quickly is going to be to look in the constitutional amendment so it takes a three-fifths override and a vote of the people to change that law," Elliott explained.

HB151 is the constitutional amendment allowing for a vote of the people. Elliott said HB152, which is sponsored by State Rep. Chris Blackshear (R-Phenix City), could be easily changed by the legislature, but a constitutional amendment would be more difficult to change.

"All we do all day long when we're up there is change the law," he added. "There are 1,000 attempts to change the law and 300 of them make it though and that's not enough for me by a long shot. All it would take is a change in the enabling legislation."

Elliott believes once casinos open in Alabama, those operators will realize the potential along Alabama beaches and want to open there.

Local municipalities can implement zoning regulations, but those regulations would only protect certain areas and could easily be changed.

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