For the better part of the last decade, State Sen. Jabo Waggoner (R-Vestavia Hills) has had multiple run-ins with the Birmingham Water Works.

Yet, despite his best efforts, the Jefferson County Republican state senator has not been able to have long-term success at keeping the scandal-plagued agency's problems at a minimum.

The latest allegations of improper behavior came as the Birmingham Water Works board retired three purchasing department employees under the suspicion of improper purchasing activity and kickbacks, according to a Birmingham TV WBRC report.

During an interview with Rightside Radio, Waggoner said he frequently received constituent complaints about the Birmingham Water Works. He also suggested more action by the legislature unless the agency could show an immediate improvement.

"That's a good possibility," Waggoner said. "If we don't see some improvement and some hasty activity down at the Birmingham Water Works, Phil, that's definitely a possibility. You know, it's run by a nine-member board. I think seven of them live in the city of Birmingham. There's one, I think, from Shelby County and either St. Clair or Blount. I'm not sure where the other board member is.

"But the city of Birmingham dominates the board with their seven members. More than half of the customers, well over half of the customers of the Birmingham Water Works, live outside of the city of Birmingham. But, of course, the board is dominated by the citizens of the city of Birmingham, which is OK if they would do what's right — if they would change the attitude and the impression of what's going on at the Birmingham Water Works board, and that has not been done thus far."

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