Lovers of Lloyds’ Restaurant had been disappointed when their long-time eatery on U.S. Highway 280, east of Birmingham, closed. Friday, Lloyd’s owner, Bogue Stephens, announced the second coming of Lloyd’s in 2024 at a yet-to-be-disclosed site in the Birmingham area.

He also gave bad news about the new Lloyd’s in Sylacauga. It will close after the Sunday, October 29 dinner meal. It had been opened only about six months.

While no reason was officially given for the closure of the original Lloyd’s and the closure of the new Sylacauga location, two rumors have abounded. One is that Lloyd’s was having difficulty getting enough staff. The other is that Lloyd’s sold the Birmingham area property for a handsome sum — all unconfirmed.

Lloyd’s is considered a piece of history for thousands in the greater Birmingham area.

Since 1937, for 86 years, Lloyd’s Restaurant off U.S. Highway 280 east of Birmingham had been the go-to place for barbecue, meat and three, fried chicken, heavenly onion rings and pie. Lloyd’s had been a Southern Fried Restaurant.

Lloyd’s had a large private room in the back where class reunions, family reunions, church gatherings, and even wedding receptions had been held for decades.

Here is the announcement posted on Lloyd’s Facebook page:

To our Lloyd’s Family,

With a heavy heart we share the news that Lloyd’s Sylacauga will close after service on Sunday, October 29. The good news is, we plan to open a new location in Birmingham in late 2024! Be sure to follow us on social media to get updates on when and where our new location will open.

We hope you’ll come dine with us in Sylacauga before we close our doors on Sunday. We’re thankful for the guests who have supported us during our short time in town and look forward to welcoming you to our new location next year!

- Bogue Stevens, Owner of Lloyd’s Restaurant

Lloyd’s was founded by the late Lloyd Chesser on U.S. Highway 280, originally in Chelsea on the east side of Double Oak Mountain. They later moved to the current location in the Inverness area, also on 280.

At the time of its founding, the favorite dish at Lloyd’s was the 16-ounce hamburger steak with gravy and onions, complete with French fries and a salad. Extras included wispy onion rings and pies – lemon or chocolate. This selection remains the favorite, closely followed by the southern fried chicken and barbecue.

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