After criticizing the Biden administration for "emboldening and empowering" the terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas on Saturday, Auburn Men's Basketball coach Bruce Pearl continued to express his frustrations on social media about the attacks, saying that the United States should cut funding to Iran and that Americans are among those currently being held hosting in Gaza.

"I have been tweeting about Iran, Hamas and The PA for years, warning they don't want peace, they want Israel. The US should Cut All Their Funding Now!" Pearl posted on X.

Pearl argued that given the brutality of the attack, Israel has the right to do what it takes to defend itself and ensure it doesn't happen again.

"Regardless of Israel's response I give the liberal media and many world leaders a few days before they start to ask Israel for restraint. Israel has every right to defend themselves, and if they choose, to destroy their sworn enemy. World leadership is at an all time low," he said.

According to The Guardian, Hamas may have taken more than 100 Israeli hostages, and the United States is investigating if and how many Americans may have also been captured.

"There are Americans being held hostage in Gaza!" Pearl posted.

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