I write this letter to you, the people of Alabama, as a warning to those who serve on governmental mountains and to the Church, meaning my fellow Christians. 

The political season—at least the primaries—are behind us, so honest conversations can come forth, unhindered by politics. 

The United States, and by extension, Alabama, holds a unique position in history. Our nation is one of two in history created in covenant with God. The other was the nation of Israel. A covenant is a sacred or holy agreement between two parties— in this case, between America and God.  

In 1943, Alabama had the distinction of being the first state to pass a resolution calling for a sovereign state of Israel. Five years later, after being scattered for 2000 years, Israel finally fulfilled the prophesies of Moses, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Jeremiah when it became a nation in 1948. (Deuteronomy 30:1-50; Isaiah 11:11-12; Jeremiah 12:14; Ezekiel 40:21-22) 

The state of Alabama will always be inextricably linked to this holy covenant with God and Israel by virtue of Alabama’s 1943 resolution. This heritage is historically significant for all Alabamians and especially so for our children and grandchildren. 

In 1607, three English ships landed at Cape Henry, Virginia. These voyagers began what would become the first successful English colony in the New World, at Jamestown. Chaplain Stephen Hunt led this expedition, in search of religious independence, to the New  World, which is America, as we know it today. As they stepped onto Virginia soil, Hunt prophesied “from these shores, the gospel will go forth to all the nations of the earth.”

Early American documents from the Declaration of Independence to the United States Constitution are full of references to God and His divine providence. History has documented how our nation was formed by men, who, in their official government capacity, passed laws and openly discussed that America would be a Judeo-Christian nation.  

These men understood the moment in history in which they were living. They understood the formation of America was not by accident or evolution, but by the hand of the Most High God. America’s Founding Fathers understood America would lose her providential blessing if America turned from God, and George Washington even said as much.  

Indeed, when this blessing is removed, God’s hedge of protection is removed, and chaos ensues. This is what we are seeing in the world now and experiencing in our own country. America is no different than any other nation that has turned its back on God, including His “chosen” people of Israel, whom He called, “the apple of my eye.” (Psalm 17:8; Zechariah 2:8; Deuteronomy 32:10; Proverbs 7:2) 

God chose America by virtue of the covenant America made with Him at our country’s inception. God has blessed America unlike any other country in history. Yet, with great blessing comes great responsibility.  

As America has rejected God in countless ways, she has figuratively  but undoubtedly been “weighed in the balance and has been found  wanting.” (Daniel 5:27)  

Our turning away from God, who forged the creation of America, is paving the way for the chaos we can no longer ignore—the destruction of family, gender confusion and perversion, poverty, crime, drugs, child and sex trafficking and all manner of lawlessness. These will only get worse unless America repents and turns back to God. It really is that simple. No nation can shake its fist at God forever without dire consequences. (II Chronicles 7:14)

We have all been told by the media, schools, courts, churches and others that there is a "separation between church and state.” That is a lie, and the opposite is true. 

The Bill of Rights forbids congress from "establishing religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” meaning the federal government cannot create a national church, such as the Church of England, nor can it prohibit the exercise of religion or faith by anyone, anywhere, at any time. The restrictions in the Bill of Rights are to the federal government alone. 

This brings me to Roe v. Wade. As most people know by now, the Supreme Court has recently returned the “question” of abortion to the States. Alabama has chosen wisely to protect children yet to be born. This Supreme Court ruling is much broader than abortion because the legal reasoning in Roe is true and applicable to other areas where faith and government intersect. 

The other two areas where government and faith collide are same-sex marriage and prayer in the public square, which includes our public schools. 

The Supreme Court returned the legal decision on abortion to the states, and under that same legal foundation, same-sex marriage and public prayer policy should be returned as well. The legal construction is the same for all three issues: abortion, school prayer and same-sex marriage. The Supreme Court initially erred on abortion, as evidenced by its recent reversal, and they have also erred on school prayer and same-sex marriage. All of these are state issues.  

Alabama must decisively claim the leadership role in America. This bold step will require soul searching to muster the courage to carry this mantle and lead. 

Alabama must no longer respect, honor and obey illegal Supreme Court rulings in these remaining two spheres – prayer in the public square, including our public schools, and in same-sex marriage.

It took 50 years for the Roe case and federalized abortion laws to be reversed and returned to the states—at the expense of more than 60 million babies. We should waste no time to correct and reverse these other two. 

Alabama must now reject the lie that voluntary prayer is a government religion and cease denying children, teachers, coaches, and principals their right to pray at school. School prayer is the decision of parents and their respective local school systems. 

Historically, prayer was given before football games and graduations. The sound of children reading Bible verses at school is our heritage, until the 1960s. We must realign back to our values and practice prior to the 1962 case Vitale v. Engel, when prayer was removed from public schools across America, and after which, all hell has broken loose. This school prayer case was the seed, even before Roe, which has triggered more than a half-century of decline to our present day. 

Alabama must no longer respect nor permit, by law, the marriage of individuals of the same sex. (Obergefell v. Hodges, 2015) Same-sex marriage is in clear violation of Alabama state law, and the 2015 Supreme Court ruling on the matter is as equally flawed as the now reversed Roe decision 50 years prior.  

The legal rationale in both cases is the same—that of jurisdiction. The jurisdiction on both of these is Alabama’s alone, and accordingly, for every other state as they see fit. 

In the 2015 same-sex marriage case, the Supreme Court effectively said, “US Constitution be damned,” and we will pave the way for the LBGTQ agenda to be crammed down Americans’ throats, nonstop….  And they did. 

America is feeling the ongoing repercussions of this vile ruling, as the poison bubbling forth from it is forcing all manner of perversion into the arena of college sports, the market place and even third-grade classrooms, among others. 

My Countrymen, these dark roots left in the ground will only lead to deeper chaos and destruction. The scripture warns, “Woe to them that call good evil, and evil good.” (Isaiah 5:20-21) “Satan comes like a roaring lion to kill, steal and destroy.” (John 10:10; 1 Peter 5:8) 

Satan’s target is so often children, as we starkly see by abortion, which snuffs out little lives before they are even born. His strategy is to remove prayer and any influence of God in the public square, especially in schools.  

The Evil One cherishes gender confusion and sexual perversion because these distort the nature and character of God. God created every person ever born in His image. (Genesis 1:26-27) These ongoing attacks against our children are real. Our children have become targets. This is not fear-mongering. 

Just as our forefathers understood the time and season they were living in, we, too, must do the same!  

Alabama is called to lead the nation. 

Alabama no longer allows abortion inside her borders, and God is pleased. 

Alabama must no longer acquiesce to an illegal, 1962 court order prohibiting prayer in schools. 

Alabama must no longer allow marriage between individuals of the same sex, as this violates Alabama law on its face. 

We must repent for the sins of the nation and turn our hearts back to God. Then, God will bless our beloved Alabama beyond anything we can imagine.

If we do, other states will see Alabama’s courage, and they will follow. If we do not, chaos and destruction will escalate. 

‘Tis The Season Of Transition—the outcome will be favorable for our children…or not.  

Below are two biblical examples to consider. One has a favorable outcome, and the other does not. 

In Genesis 18, verses 20 to 32, God told Abraham He was going to destroy the city of Sodom because its sin was so grave. Abraham pleaded with God on behalf of the people. God told Abraham if there were as many as 10 righteous men within the city, then God would spare Sodom. There were not 10 to be found, and God destroyed the city. 

The favorable example is in the book of Jonah, chapters 1 to 3. Here, God told Jonah to go to “Nineveh, that great city…for their evil has come up before me.” At first, Jonah disobeyed, but he ultimately went to Nineveh and gave them God’s warning, that ”yet 40 days, Nineveh shall be overthrown.” In this situation, the “people believed  God.” They repented and fasted, from the “greatest to the least,”  including even the king. True to His word, God spared Nineveh. 

In the name of Jesus, we decree the gates of hell will not prevail over Alabama or her children. 

America and Alabama must choose the same path as Nineveh! May God bless Alabama and this great nation. Amen.

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