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Tim James Alabama News
Tim James: Baldwin County bridge lawsuit against ALDOT director should matter to everyone

As 1819 News previously reported, former gubernatorial candidate Tim James has a unique perspective in a legal battle going on between Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) director John Cooper and the Baldwin County Bridge Company (BCBC).

Tim James Alabama News
Tim James: ALDOT director should be held personally responsible for 'waste of taxpayer dollars' on Baldwin County bridge project

Former gubernatorial candidate Tim James has a unique perspective on the building of a new bridge over the Intercoastal Waterway in Baldwin County.

Tim James Alabama News
Tim James: Rosh Hashanah – ‘Tis the season of transition

I write this letter to you, the people of Alabama, as a warning to those who serve on governmental mountains and to the Church, meaning my fellow Christians. 

James Alabama News
Tim James calls for 'massive faith-based outreach' as possible fix for Alabama prisons, recidivism

Should Fob James' son Tim James be elected governor in November, he would be inheriting a situation that is not quite as dire as what the elder James faced in 1979.

Tim James at Press Conference 2 Alabama News
Tim James accuses federal judge with “judicial overreach” in case blocking Alabama transgender law

"Neither parents nor any other adult have the right to make decisions about their child’s sexual identity except in the most unusual cases of legitimate physical androgyny," Tim James said.

Pro choice protestors. Alabama News
All Republican Gubernatorial candidates - except Ivey - vow to support abortion ban

Every Republican candidate running for Governor has pledged to abolish abortion in Alabama, with the exception of Gov. Kay Ivey.

Tim James and Betty Peters edited Alabama News
Betty Peters endorses Tim James for Governor

On Friday, the Tim James campaign announced that former State Board of Education (SBOE) member Betty Peters (R) was endorsing James for governor in the May 24 Republican primary.

File 671c81ac abdf 4ce8 83d0 263f6516879a Alabama News
Blanchard says medical marijuana is a done deal; opposes recreational use

Gubernatorial candidate Lynda “Lindy” Blanchard was in Birmingham last week speaking with the Greater Birmingham Young Republicans....

File 3e176382 d4fa 4fbd 820a 499974373b43 Alabama News
When it comes to education, James says institution has become more important than children

Tim James sat behind the desk in his campaign office off Valleydale Road, waiting out tornado warnings that were coming through Jefferson...

File 24e2aa70 91e6 401f 9794 68b2de3d45a8 Alabama News
Gubernatorial candidate announces support for law enforcement

Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim James (R) released a statement regarding the recent wave of violence against police officers in...

File f6bf15f5 e1ec 4d76 8825 13fce932b2c4 Alabama News
Candidates for governor talk gambling, education, other issues in candidate forum

Recently, at a meeting of the Republican Women of Coffee County, Tim James, Lindy Blanchard, and Dean Odle took the podium to discuss...

File fc1fe7d0 0226 4706 b38a f334d0d83c79 Alabama News
Tim James starts gubernatorial campaign with fire against mandates, marijuana, etc.

On Wednesday, Greenville businessman Tim James formally launched his campaign for governor on the steps of the Capitol Building. James...

File fab2155d a3ab 4b0e a12e 76e0ddc417a1 Alabama News
Tim James to announce for Governor today

Greenville businessman Tim James, the son of former Alabama Governor Fob James (R) will formally kick off his campaign Wednesday on...

File 11726be7 7e1d 40bb 99fe faf324ded402 Alabama News
Ivey faces competitive gubernatorial primary fundraising field

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) is running for reelection, but she faces at least 10 opponents, with the best-funded opponents being...

File 192e730a c491 4136 ace3 2f263e868013 Alabama News
Lynda Blanchard expected to enter governor’s race today

By Brandon Moseley U.S. Senate candidate Lynda Blanchard (R) is expected to make a big announcement today. She will reportedly end...

File 78ba653b b035 4f2b 8101 e981e2875b01 Alabama News
James makes it official: will challenge Kay Ivey for governor of Alabama

By Ray Melick, Editor in Chief Saying “the third time is the charm,’’ Greenville businessman Tim James filed his paperwork with the...

File 2a87f42b 1081 49c5 94fb e73c9a0903d7 Alabama News
Tim James, son of former Gov. Fob James, eyeballing governor's race

By Brandon Moseley On Monday, Greenville businessman Tim James said on talk radio, "I think we are heading in that direction," when...

File 331a4772 5ff4 421c a414 a3fa54098002 Alabama News
Ivey is off to an early fundraising lead over the other gubernatorial candidates

By Brandon Moseley The general election on Nov. 8, 2022, is 51 weeks away, but campaigns are already hard at work raising money for...

File 980d2d2a 23e2 4815 a1e4 0b33fda69797 Alabama News
Tim James thinks medical marijuana legislation should be repealed

By Brandon Moseley Tim James said that medical marijuana legislation passed during the 2021 regular session should be repealed. James...

File 1219f445 37f8 4b92 a8e2 3460c5781edd Alabama News
Tim James: Auburn administration in contempt of the Rule of Law and the people of Alabama

This week, the governor issued an executive order that state agencies may not mandate any vaccine for Alabama citizens or aid in processing...

File 455fc66c 6a7e 46fc 9197 c5e97462e81a Alabama News
Tim James urges Governor to expand special session to include a ban on vaccine mandates

By Brandon Moseley Businessman and former Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim James issued a call Monday for Alabama Governor Ivey...