U.S. Sens. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) and Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) have signed onto a letter to President Joe Biden calling on him to prioritize rescuing the American hostages that were taken by terrorist organization Hamas during its attacks on Israel.

The letter, led by U.S. Sens. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and Cory Booker (D-N.J.), urged the president to "continue putting your full attention on the freeing of American hostages." The U.S. Senators also pushed for the continued support of Israel in its efforts to "dismantle the threat of Hamas."

"Hamas has already killed 30 Americans and likely injured many more," the 49 senators wrote in the letter. "The terrorists responsible for these atrocities hide behind human shields while they threaten to livestream the execution of hostages. Hamas has also reportedly demanded the mass release of prisoners in exchange for freeing its hostages and could use the hostages to push for a ceasefire. With several U.S. citizens still missing in the aftermath of the terror group's brutal attack, we urge you to continue putting your full attention on the freeing of American hostages. Every day must be treated with a sense of urgency."

"As a result, we urge the United States to continue supporting Israel's urgent efforts to dismantle the threat of Hamas, provide the necessary resources for Israel's defense, and continue offering whatever support necessary to immediately and safely rescue kidnapped Americans, with particular attention to those who require urgent medical care," they added.

Biden is in Israel to "stand in solidarity with the Israeli people." He wrote on X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter, that he wanted the Israeli people to know they were "not alone."

Tuberville has likened Hamas to "animals" and called into question the president's decision to give Iran money and drop sanctions.

"This is a different type of war. ... You know, these are a bunch of animals. They don't care whether they die or not. We've lost hostages there. We've got 30 Americans. We've got American hostages. We've got Israeli hostages. This is a complete mess. We don't know what happened to their intelligence. But that is for another day. I'm like you. The longer you wait, the tougher it is going to be," the senator told Fox Business this week.

"Unfortunately, Joe Biden, the empty suit that he is in — we might as well have had an empty White House for the last three years," he added. "They gave [Iran] all their money back, dropped the sanctions. They were almost broke when President Trump was in office. Now, they're worth hundreds of billions of dollars. They've given money to all of these terrorists. They are following the company line when it comes to terrorism. And it has put everybody in harm's way thanks to Joe Biden and all those clowns around him."

Read the full letter here.

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