President Joe Biden gave a speech Monday at the White House touting the success of his "Bidenomics" economic policy while admitting that prices for many goods were still too high.

"We know that prices are still too high for too many things — that times are still too tough for too many families," Biden said.

U.S. Sens. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) and Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) were quick to call out what they saw as hypocrisy in the president's comments.

Tuberville claimed Biden's inflation was costing Alabama families up to $822 per month.

"Bidenomics is an absolute failure," he said. "Joe Biden is costing hardworking Alabamians thousands of dollars."

Britt claimed that since Biden's first month in office, Americans have faced 33 straight months of rising prices.

"Every single day, I hear from Alabamians who are struggling to make ends meet as they continue to pay more just to cover their basic expenses," she said. "Let's be clear, inflation isn't "transitory." Unless we change course from Bidenomics, hardworking Americans will continue to suffer."

Republicans have blamed Biden's policies for contributing to inflation, and a study by the Federal Reserve found that just federal stimulus contributed to 2.6% toward inflation over the typical 2% target.

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While the Biden administration continues trying to run on the economy, the president could soon feel the impact of his policies when voters head to the polls in 2024.

According to Rasmussen Reports, inflation remains a major issue for voters heading into the next election, and multiple polls have shown Biden either neck-and-neck for trailing former President Donald Trump.

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