U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) is continuing to call for more accountability in America’s education system after comments he made about inner-city teachers sparked outrage from Democrats and leftist activists across the country.

During a recent episode of Donald Trump, Jr.'s podcast "Triggered," Tuberville said, "The COVID really brought it out about how bad our schools are and how bad our teachers are in the inner cities. Most of them are in inner cities; I don't know how they got degrees, to be honest with you. I don't know whether they can read and write."

Tuberville didn’t back down from his statements but offered further clarification during a press call Thursday.

“Teachers have to have accountability,” Tuberville said. “... Our education system is in trouble, not just inner city; all over the country in different areas. Teachers' unions do not hold teachers accountable. Education is not about teachers; it’s about students. It’s about students learning to read and write. You can’t live and support a family and grow and have the opportunities in this country unless you can read and write.”

Tuberville said those quick to criticize him, like Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin, should first worry about the education issues in their local community.

“We’re 19% proficiency in reading in the city of Birmingham. That’s embarrassing,” Tuberville said. “And the people that are looking at me, calling me out, they need to look at their whole card. I mean, it is ridiculous of these kids are coming out of school that can’t read or write, but they got a 72% graduation rate. So what does that mean? They’re passing them on.”

Tuberville said part of holding teachers accountable should include requiring them to take tests to prove their competency and knowledge of the materials.

“They used to take a test to make sure that they knew what they were doing where they could pass it along to the kids,” he added. “This thing is getting out of control.”

As he previously mentioned on the podcast, Tuberville again pointed to Baltimore’s 0% math proficiency rate as one of the worst examples of a failed education system. However, he said it’s not just inner cities that are struggling.

“You can look at some of these rural areas, and it would be the same way. It’s not just the inner cities,” he outlined. “...This is an embarrassment to the country, to the United States of America, what’s going on in our inner cities and all over in our education.”

Tuberville continued, “Teachers’ unions are ruining our kids. Now we’ve got good teachers, and we’ve got some good administrators, but we had better start holding people accountable that can’t do their job and get them out of the business… I’m all for teachers, and I’m all for administrators, but I’m really for the education of our kids across this country. That’s what’s important.”

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