While warning of a possible government shutdown, President Joe Biden recently lobbed another insult at U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) over his continued military promotion holds, prompting a quick comeback from the former Auburn football coach.

Congress has until the end of the week to approve 12 spending bills to keep the government running or risk a shutdown. Many Republican lawmakers, mainly in the House Freedom Caucus, have expressed concern over the lack of spending cuts and additional funding for Ukraine.

Some House Republicans have refused to vote for a continuing resolution to extend the deadline and keep the government afloat while negotiations continue. 

A continuing resolution advanced in the Senate on Tuesday, funding the government through November 17. However, it contains a proposed $6 billion in additional Ukraine funding, which will inevitably cause dissent in the House.

In a video posted to his Twitter, President Joe Biden blasted Republican lawmakers and blamed a "small group of extreme House Republicans" for the impending shutdown. He also took aim at Republican lawmakers who "refuse to stand up to the extremists in their own party."

In mentioning the implications of a government shutdown, Biden took a shot at Tuberville for his continued blockade of military confirmations until the Department of Defense reverses its policy funding travel expenses and time off for service members who travel for an abortion.

"If the government shuts down, that means members of our U.S. military are going to continue to be on duty but not get paid," Biden said. "And frankly, that's adding insult to injury since Republicans in the United States Senate have failed to stand up to one of their own senators, who for months has stood in the way of military promotions."

 Tuberville quickly responded to the president, pointing to his lackluster approval ratings.

Tuberville has opposed additional Ukraine funding. However, he also expressed disdain for government shutdowns, co-sponsoring bipartisan legislation called the Prevent Government Shutdowns Act of 2023, which would take government shutdowns off the table and force Congress to stay in Washington until they reach an agreement on the spending packages.

"Shutdowns don't accomplish anything," Tuberville said. "Where I come from, you stay at work until you get the job done. Congress should be forced to stay in DC until we pass a responsible, fiscally-conservative budget."

In the event of a lapse in government funding, the bill would implement an automatic continuing resolution on rolling 14-day extensions based on the most current spending levels enacted in the previous fiscal year.

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