U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) is celebrating former President Donald Trump's sweeping GOP victory in Tuesday's primary election in which Trump handily secured the Republican nomination for president.

Trump secured victories in every state except Vermont in Tuesday's primary election, causing his leading opponent, Nikki Haley, to concede the nomination to the former president.

Tuberville, a longtime supporter of Trump, expressed excitement about Trump's performance while throwing the slightest shade at Haley's.

"Well, it's over," Tuberville said. "Nikki Haley had her 15 minutes of fame, and now she can go back to the real world and get a job. You know, that's what a lot of these people that run for certain jobs need to do before they jump into something, pretty much knowing that they weren't going to have much of a chance. But President Trump ran a good campaign through the primary. Basically, it's over with now. Now, we have a two-man race to be President of the United States, starting in 2025. [In] seven months, we'll have an election. It's going to be a very interesting election. It's an election President Trump will get back out and tell the American people what he did in his first four years [and] what Joe Biden did in his four years, and how he's going to contrast that."

He continued, "I'll tell you right now, this is a huge election. Huge election for the American people, not just Republicans, but also for Democrats and people who love this country, because as we speak, the Biden administration has us in so much trouble in terms of our economy, our border, crime, foreign relations. It is mind-boggling, and we cannot continue down this path. Something's got to give, and I think President Trump is the perfect choice for what needs to happen to get us back on track because he will make tough decisions. He will lay the law down to what needs to happen. Also, we need to win the Senate to give him support."

Without offering much in predicting the outcome of November's election, Tuberville gave an ambitious declaration, saying the GOP could win the Senate and White House.

"I think we got a great opportunity," Tuberville said. "I can't tell you much about the House, but I think we have a great opportunity to get all three - the House, Senate and the White House -next year as true Americans and get this country back on the right track, but it's going to be a very bumpy ride in the next seven months of this election."

"I will tell you this, no matter whether it's President Trump or whatever, this group that's in the White House now, whoever's making the calls has got to go. Because we're not doing one thing positive for the American people. We're not doing anything positive overseas. We're looking down the barrel of a gun of three wars at one time, and we can't afford to do that. We're 35 trillion in debt. Our crime is rampant. Our borders are open, and it is just amazing to me how we've lost our institutions like the FBI, the DOJ and education system is really suffering. It is bad," he concluded.

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