According to U.S. Rep. Jerry Carl (R-Mobile), the Democrat-led federal government's response to the increase in fuel prices has been underwhelming.

If that does not change soon, Democrats will pay the price in November,  Alabama's Representative for the 1st Congressional District said.

Monday, during an appearance on Mobile radio's "Midday Mobile," Carl expressed his frustration over the Biden administration's refusal to increase American energy production.

"How about us producing our own?" Carl said. "People are tired of handouts. Let us get back to work. Let us get back to normal. We don't want the scratch you'll throw over the fence and feed us. That's what the federal government wants -- wants us all locked in behind a fence, and they just throw scraps and food over the fence and feed us. I don't want that.

"I want to go back to work. I want my district in it, everybody to feel free to go to work. I want to be able to drill out in the Gulf. I want to open up the petroleum chain here in America and be selling to other countries. I want Europe to call us for natural gas. I don't want us calling Venezuela."

Carl went on to say that the problem is in Washington, and that the Biden administration is wedded to its policies and is anti-Donald Trump. He said the Biden administration doesn't care if the policies are good or not and he said that's no way to govern. 

Carl also addressed the political implications for being stubborn on the energy issue.

"It's frustrating up here -- we're pushing and pushing and pushing," Carl said. "Turn these companies loose. Let Americans be Americans. Let us drill. Let us make money. Let us bring the price of fuel down. But they're still dug in. They still will not do it. And it is fixing to cost them a huge election. This 2022 [midterm] we're fixing to go into in November -- I was on the floor the other day and I told them I said you're about to find out how bad at judgment you are of the American people.

"The American people -- they vote with their pockets and they vote with their stomachs and they vote for their kids. And you've crossed the line on all three on this fuel tax because it's not just the price of gasoline -- it's the price of the plastic. It's the price of the wrapping paper at Christmastime. It's the price of a loaf of bread. It affects everything. Working moms and small businesses -- they feel it first and those people vote. They vote and you're fixing to see in 2022 -- it's going to be a runover machine."

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