U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) recently applauded former President Donald Trump as a "huge champion of IVF" while broadcasting her new proposed legislation that would remove Medicaid funding from states that ban access to in-vitro fertilization treatment.

Britt recently joined her colleague U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in introducing the IVF Protection Act.

The bill does not compel any person or organization to provide IVF services, and it permits states to implement health and safety standards regarding the practice of IVF.

The bill came after the Alabama Supreme Court's decision last February that said frozen embryos created through the IVF process are legally children. The ruling stemmed from a wrongful death lawsuit filed by parents whose frozen embryos were allegedly destroyed at a Mobile IFV clinic.

The Alabama Legislature rushed to pass a law to protect IVF clinics from legal liability for death or damage to embryos in the 2024 legislative session. However, many across the nation claim the state's legislative fix does not address the concerns of providers who are concerned about legal liability.

Both Britt and Cruz have been on a media campaign championing the legislation. On a recent appearance on Fox News, Britt expressed support for Trump in his ongoing legal battles while also claiming he was a "huge champion of IVF."

Trump was critical of the Alabama Supreme Court's decision, swiftly calling on the legislature to ensure IVF treatment was protected.

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"[He] has been a huge champion of IVF," Britt said. "He started formally with IVF and with families' opportunities to bring life into this world."

She continued, "What this piece of legislation does is it says that we are going to protect IVF, and that way, none of these families have to worry about that in the future. And we believe that the Republican Party is the party of life. We're the party of families. We're the party of opportunity. And this will ensure that we continue to be able to do that."

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