The fallout from former President Donald Trump's un-endorsement of U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) is having a ripple effect that will have a noticeable impact over the coming days and weeks on the Alabama U.S. Senate Primary race.

One of the possible beneficiaries of a potential Trump re-endorsement is U.S. Army veteran Mike Durant, who is leading in some of the latest polling.

On Wednesday, Durant appeared on Montgomery radio's NewsTalk 93.1's "Straight Talk with Apryl Marie Fogel" to react to Trump's announcement and to discuss his recent meeting with Trump in Florida.

"Spent almost an hour with him," Durant said. "It was great. I hadn't met him before. And I really appreciate the opportunity to let him know a little more about me and certainly understand what's important to him, you know, because he cares about the country. And he wants to see the right person in this seat.

"And, you know, I think it went well. I think we hit it off. He's obviously familiar with what happened in Somalia. We talked about that. We talked about a lot of topics. With President Trump, you can cover a lot of ground in an hour. I left there feeling pretty good about the meeting."

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