Friday, on the heels of former President Donald Trump rescinding his endorsement of U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) in the U.S. Senate Republican primary, frontrunner Mike Durant appeared on Alabama Public Television's "Capitol Journal" to discuss his candidacy and where he is on the day's issues.

Among those included in the wide-ranging interview were Durant's views Trump's stated reason for un-endorsing Brooks: election integrity.

Durant told "Capitol Journal" host Todd Stacy he did not believe President Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election and offered several reasons.

"[T]he bottom line is I don't think Joe Biden won the election," he said. "And the reason I don't think that ... changing the rules. When you suddenly make voting by mail easier than showing up in person -- I mean, that just begs for fraud. You can't deny that. That's why most voters on both sides believe that voter ID is appropriate. You want everyone to be able to vote but they're supposed to be a legal citizen to vote. And if you can't identify who is voting or you know that they are the ones who filled out the ballot, how can you possibly argue that is a valid vote?

"That's the easiest one," Durant continued. "In Pennsylvania, they extended the due date. You know, all these things, changing the rules to basically help Joe Biden. Then, the final one that has come out in the last few days is Hunter Biden's laptop. That came out before the election. People who voted for Joe Biden, the report that I read -- 17% said they would have changed their vote if they had thought that that whole story was real. It got buried and now it comes back to light as, 'Oh, it was real but now the election is over.'

"So, all of those things together, I think, really cheated us as a nation out of who should be in the office right now and is not, and we're paying a heavy price for it," he added.

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