Early Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said there had been a significant escalation in war activity after an apparent attack on Poland. However, more evidence is now contradicting Zelenskyy's assertions and cry for help.

Two people were killed when a missile landed in a small village in Poland roughly four miles from the Russian border. While initial reports pointed to Russia as the likely responsible party, more evidence has come to light proving it may have been a misfired Ukrainian missile. Some Polish leaders now believe the missile was accidentally fired from a Ukrainian anti-aircraft system.

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian pastor with ties to Alabama continues to hunker down with members of his congregation and community as the world around him crumbles. Dmytro Bulakh said around 96 rockets were fired from Russian forces, and reports confirmed many of them seemed to target electrical grids in the country. One person was killed in a residential building in the capital city of Kyiv.

"For now, God is helping us to fight against a superior army and not be vanished," Bulakh said.

Clay (Alabama) City Manager Ronnie Dixon has been raising money to send to Bulakh, his good friend. The two worked together over a decade ago to build Grace Church in Ukraine, where Bulakh serves as pastor.

Bulakh was told that power companies in Ukraine had been forced to cut off service to some places during the day to allow hospitals and other essential institutions to continue operating. He said his group is using a diesel generator to stay warm and have access to hot water.

"God is using us and supplying us with everything during this disaster," he said. "Thank Him we are able to meet the everyday needs of the refugees at the church. And every day, we have the visitors that are begging for any help now. Some even coming to have just a hot water cup on a cold day. It is all such a Biblical matter. To be the hands of God for us is not tomorrow. It is today!"

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, and Grace Church has acted as a lighthouse during a dark time since Bulakh said. The church allows people to stay in the basement of a building where donations have been brought in daily.

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