If you've ever gone through a difficult trial or a troubling time of suffering, you've likely found yourself asking, "Why?"

"Why has God allowed this situation?" or "Why is this happening to me?"

Such was the case for Ashley Carter. Like many of the other hard-working Americans on this planet, Carter found her life bombarded with unexpected challenges, particularly on the health and family fronts of life. 

Although hurt, betrayal and physical pain can all take their toll on the individual, dragging a person down into despair, Carter chose to accept life's difficulties from the hand of God and share them with others to bring encouragement and hope. That hope is found in Carter's new book, "Unexplainable: Inspiration Stories of God's Love in the Most Unique Ways."

A collection of short stories, "Unexplainable" offers honest and heartfelt anecdotes from Carter's life experiences, each one pointing the reader back to a relationship with God, while also providing practical ways to pursue the important things in life. Carter's stories reflect her love of family and self-reliant homesteading, as well as her desire to pass along a worthwhile legacy to the next generation.

But recording these stories wasn't necessarily in Carter's plan.

"I wrote this book after a conversation of encouragement from a local author and friend," Carter said.

In making some of these private life experiences an "open book," Carter seeks to bring hope to the hearts of others, both now and in the future.

"The thought of knowing that one day my great-grandchildren would read stories that I wrote and learn more about my life growing up and the unique ways that God had blessed my family even in the midst of trials overwhelmed my heart with joy," she added. "I pray that this book is not only a blessing to them, but to many others that may be struggling with day-to-day life." 

Are you interested in checking out Carter's new release? "Unexplainable" is available for purchase at Barnes & Noble, Walmart and Amazon.

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