Over the past few years, Alabamians have been reminded yet again of just how important it is to be informed and educated voters. Gone are the days of blindly filling in the bubbles on a ballot sheet based solely on the “R” or “D” associated with a candidate’s name. 

Recently, Eagle ForumLOCAL AlabamaThatcher Coalition, and 1819 News partnered to bring the people of Alabama a bipartisan gubernatorial candidate forum. With the hopes of highlighting our similarities and differences, moderators asked probing questions on everything from education and taxes to lockdowns and gambling. 

The candidate forum was a helpful and informative way to motivate Alabamians to get involved and engaged on a local, state and/or federal level because elections have consequences. However you vote, it's important to do your research, choose a candidate that best represents your values, and support them by letting your voice be heard and vote on May 24th!