For the last day of campaigning for the GOP runoff election for Alabama's second congressional district, candidates Dick Brewbaker and Caroleene Dobson are staying busy.

Dobson, a Montgomery attorney, and Brewbaker, a former state senator, both said voter turnout will be the biggest challenge on Tuesday.

"The challenge will be to get people out to the polls," said Dobson. "And you know, just reminding people the importance of going to vote. It's the only race on the ballot. So, there isn't a lot of media coverage. It's not like there's a national race on the ballot or even statewide races on the ballot.

"The challenge is just getting people out to vote," Brewbaker said. "I mean, on Super Tuesday, there are a whole bunch of things on the ballot. You know, county commissioners, and there's just a lot of local stuff that helped draw people to the polls. Tomorrow, there's only one congressional race. But it's just hard to get people to turn out when the ballot is extremely short."

Brewbaker spent the morning in Barber County at two events. He visited the Alley Restaurant and then went to Eufaula Country Outdoors. He said he feels good about the runoff Tuesday.

"I feel good about it," Brewbaker said. "In spite of all the negativity my opponent's throwing all over everybody, the polls look great; if we can just turn our people out, we ought to be in great shape."

For Dobson, she started the day in Conecuh County and then went to the Montgomery Chamber luncheon. On Monday night, she will have a pre-runoff reception and then a tele-town hall with Riley Gaines.

"That is really exciting because I have tremendous respect for what she's doing and motivating young conservatives to get involved and take action," Dobson said.

Dobson and Brewbaker will vote in Montgomery on Tuesday. Both said whatever happens is God's will.

"Overall, I just feel very grateful," Dobson stated. "I am so thankful for the time that folks have shared to meet with me, to share their concerns and their issues and things that are going on in their communities. And I, again, just have been so inspired to meet so many people throughout this district that are working so hard to make their communities better, to make our country better. I want to fight for them in Washington."

"Well, it's going to go within God's will," Brewbaker added. "You can count on that. That's right. He's still in charge.

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