Federal Election Commission (FEC) campaign finance reports are in and Casey Wardynski has raised the most funds in the race to replace Mo Brooks.

There is a very large Republican field in Alabama’s Fifth Congressional District.

Wardynskiis a retired U.S. Army Colonel, the former Superintendent of the Huntsville City schools system, and businessman who has held a number of executive positions with major corporations. Wardynski most recently served at the Pentagon as President Donald J. Trump’s Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Army charged with manpower. Wardynski reported having raised $148,368.14. He has spent $54,867.56 on his campaign.

Educator and horse trainer Andy Blalock reported having raised $14,488 in the fourth quarter. He spent $10,145.56 on his campaign.

Huntsville Chamber of Commerce official John Roberts reported having raised $25,630.38 in the fourth quarter and having spent $31,040.85.

Former State Sen. Paul Sanford reported having raised $37,208.75 for his campaign and has spent $2,518.99.

Madison County Commissioner Dale Strong reported having raised $95,276.24. He spent $84,883.32 on his campaign.

Conservative activist Harrison Wright did not meet the $5,000 required reporting threshold.

Charlie Thompson and Kathy Warner-Stanton have both qualified with the Alabama Democratic Party to run for Alabama’s Fifth Congressional District seat.

Qualifying for Alabama’s Fifth Congressional District remains open through Feb. 11 at 5:00 p.m.

The extension in qualifying was ordered by a three-judge federal panel that said that Alabama’s congressional redistricting map violates the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and ordered the state legislature to draw a new map with two majority Black districts. The state is currently appealing that decision to the U.S. Supreme Court. It is very possible that all seven of Alabama’s congressional districts could look much different than the map that was prepared by the state legislature in the recent 2021 special session. Unlike state districts, it's unnecessary to live in a congressional district in order to run for that district.

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