As the 2024 presidential race intensifies, Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen says he has uncovered proof the Biden administration is registering illegal aliens to vote.

Allen said his office received a complaint about a deceased relative receiving a voter registration form. While investigating the complaint, he uncovered something much worse.

"We started asking some questions for where this voter registration card came from, but it led us down another path to basically discover that anyone that comes in contact with certain state agencies, whether or not they receive benefits or not, receives a voter registration form in the mail," Allen told NewsMax's Rob Schmitt on Thursday. "And we just find that appalling."

Allen said the state agencies' "hands were tied" due to federal law and the National Voter Registration Act passed in 1993.

He continued, "It goes right along with Biden's executive order that he signed back in 2021 that really weaponizes and mobilizes the entire federal government apparatus to be voter registration agencies. And so, we're just shocked at what we found and, you know, we wanted to alert and expose this and to make sure that the public knows about it."

According to the House Budget Committee, over 7 million illegal immigrants have been stopped at America's southern border as of March 2024, with 8.3 million being released into the U.S. since President Joe Biden took office.

"We've done some very good things to make sure we further fortify our elections process here in Alabama," Allen said. "Recently, I testified before the United States Senate Rules Committee about election integrity, and I was asked a question about how can we verify citizenship and what tools do we have. And it's pretty simple; we don't have the tools that we need to verify citizenship."

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