Almost immediately after the legislative special session was underway, State Rep. Ernie Yarbrough (R-Trinity) filed his version of a bill that would rescind a $5 million appropriation from the Education Trust Fund supplemental budget granted to the embattled Alabama Department of Archives & History (ADAH) by the legislature earlier his year.

ADAH has been under fire for hosting the so-called "Invisible No More: Alabama's LGBTQ History" program in June despite concerns raised by lawmakers with ADAH director Steve Murray.

Yarbrough's two-page bill is co-sponsored by State Reps. Mack Butler (R-Rainbow City), Shane Stringer (R-Citronelle) and Ben Harrison (R-Elkmont).

Under the Lawrence County Republican lawmaker's bill, the $5 million would be appropriated to the Department of Human Resources "to be expended to provide financial assistance to residents for costs associated with in-state adoptions."

"I chose to title this bill 'Yours No Longer' as an adaptation from the movie 'Braveheart,'" Yarbrough told 1819 News. "William Wallace made it clear that Scotland's sons and daughters were 'yours no longer' to a tyrannical king. Alabama's sons and daughters must no longer be subjected to a woke agenda that seeks to morally and spiritually corrupt the next generation. Our Alabama faith & values - the same values that built this nation - must be boldly asserted again by those chosen to be her leaders. We cannot pass on this fight - it is here and we must answer the call. Whether done in broad daylight or under the cloak of academia, the only way to deal with such misguided misuse of Alabama tax dollars is to defund policies that can only be funded by forced taxation and put it where the money will actually help Alabama families - like through supporting adoption."

State Sen. Chris Elliott (R-Josephine) is expected to have a Senate version of the bill ready later on Monday.

Draft of legislation:

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