We love to tell stories on this podcast and this week we have an incredible story for you. Bryan sits down with JR Rivas, Father of 10, Founder of Personal Touch, Inc and Owner of Soggy Bottom Lodge in West Alabama.

JR was born in Honduras and served in the military at 14 years old during a tumultuous time in Honduras' history. After his military stint, he came to America and through his service with law enforcement earned his citizenship. After a career in law enforcement he struck out into business and is now a direct competitor with Asplundh. The story of how this all came to be, right here in Alabama, is one you'll want to tune in for.

OVERTIME: In this week's overtime segment, Bryan asks JR Rivas why it is that folks who come to America from 3rd world countries love this nation so much more than many ungrateful natural born citizens.

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