• Alabama House speaker indicates a special session may be held
  • AG Marshall says DOJ should not promote abortion drugs in AL
  • Perry Cty Commission Chairman indicted for voter fraud
  • Elmore prison inmate starts fire in chapel, confesses to officer
  • Former Bama running back dies suddenly at age 42
  • Albertville SRO saves baby that stopped breathing
  • Daphne family is reunited with dog that left 2 years ago


  • Mexico President praises Joe Biden for NOT building a border wall
  • More classified documents found in Biden's University office
  • Republicans decry Biden's treatment on docs compared to Trump
  • AZ congressman says there's evidence to impeach DHS director
  • Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin released from hospital after 9 days
  • WEF's Klaus Schwab fantasizes over brain implants and tracking

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