• State of the State address for Governor Ivey to be held February 6th
  • State lawmaker to offer anti ballot harvesting bill this year
  • Congressman Moore offers bill to limit health emergency declarations
  • Congressman Moore says impeachment of Biden brings facts to the public
  • SoS Wes Allen says amicus brief supports 14th amendment and Trump on ballot
  • Wife of WV senator Joe Manchin injured in car crash in Birmingham,


  • 300 lbs of various illegal drugs seized at border in one week alone
  • Reporter finds IDs and fliers to help Chinese illegals at US Mexico border
  • House Democrat under investigation for mishandling of Government funds
  • Trump lawyer seeks answers for conflict of interest in E.Jean Carroll case
  • DEI officer at Harvard now accused of major plagiarism in writings
  • UPS to cut 12 thousand jobs this year due to profits lagging in 2023

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