• Sen. Tuberville says US is on the brink of WW3 due to Iran's nuclear gains
  • Congressman Moore posts about border crisis as DHS Secretary comes under fire
  • Retired NFL player Wallace Gilberry to step out of race for new District 2
  • State Rep. Ed Oliver believes his bill to prohibit DEI & CRT will pass this year
  • Eufaula city students have classes cancelled after news of students death
  • A program in West Alabama to help released inmates get jobs in AL


  • MT congressman seeks to impeach SecDef Austin over his secret disappearance
  • House Homeland committee to impeach DHS Sec. Mayorkas for border crisis
  • Rasmussen Reports poll shows 65 % of Americans call border crisis an INVASION
  • Oversight chairman has resolution to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of congress
  • House committee releases video on weaponization of big tech and big gov
  • Nancy Pelosi looking good for her stock market gains in 2023, raising eyebrows

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