• Thank you Russ Jones for filling in for the Daily Detail!
  • Pastor and church group from Daphne able to safely get out of Israel
  • Congressman Mike Rogers under fire for preferring Dems to MAGA
  • Sexually explicit children's library books likely to be 2024 state legislative issue
  • New plea and sentencing to happen this week re: Joren Van Der Sloot
  • Birmingham Southern launches year end fundraising efforts
  • 45 colleges in AL to waive application fees all this week


  • 2 US aircraft carriers now in Mediterranean Sea to assist Israel
  • Vote for Speaker of the House likely to be held this Tuesday
  • Longtime advisor to Fauci now subpoenaed by House subcommittee
  • Israeli poster child for C19 vaccines dies from cardiac arrest at age 8
  • GOP's Jeff Landry to become Louisiana governor, replacing outgoing Dem

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