• A Fire Alert is issued for all 67 counties by the Alabama Forestry commission
  • Congressman Palmer pulls name from consideration in House Speaker race
  • Congressman Carl weighs in on recent direct payments from Jim to Joe Biden
  • 2 state lawmakers to offer bill increasing penalties for false reports to police
  • AL is ranked 39th in the nation for business tax climate by The Tax Foundation
  • Daphne residents watching "Police State" documentary sing National anthem


  • Israel Prime Minister delays an invasion of Gaza due to hostage situation
  • SCOTUS agrees to take Missouri v Biden case that takes on Big Tech/Big Gov
  • Donald Trump puts the kibosh on Tom Emmer becoming House Speaker
  • GA Supreme Court rules in favor of fetal heartbeat law being implemented
  • Microsoft skedaddles out of office building in San Fran due to growing blight
  • TX governor sues Biden admin for agents at border aiding illegal crossings
  • 3rd part of discussion on ideological subversion by KGB defector

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