• Sen. Britt offers the Citizens Ballot Protection act, says its just common sense
  • Sen. Tuberville says no $ for Ukraine until Border crisis is addressed
  • Congressman Strong says plenty of evidence there for impeachment inquiry
  • Congressman Moore says Joe Biden has lied about his abuse of office for $
  • The SPLC in Montgomery now being investigated by US House Oversight
  • Attorneys for Jawan Dallas family dispute the contents of 911 transcript
  • Mobile announces plans for riverfront development near Convention Center


  • US House passes a forma impeachment inquiry resolution against Joe Biden
  • Hunter Biden refuses to take part in a subpoenaed deposition in the US House
  • SCOTUS agrees to take appeal of J6 defendants over federal law interpretation
  • Judge in Trump's DC case freezes all further proceedings due to appeal in process
  • Rasmussen Reports tracks confessions of voters who cheated in 2020
  • SCOTUS also agrees to take case over abortion drug mifepristone being mailed

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