• AG Marshall praises court ruling on religious exemptions for Air Force
  • 8 confirmed tornadoes hit AL this week, with more reports to be studied
  • ADPH confirms third child had died due to influenza, 10 adult fatalities
  • Former teacher in Jackson Cty. sentenced to 20 years for sex abuse
  • Congresswoman Sewell seeks federal holiday to honor Rosa Parks


  • SCOTUS keeps block re:student loan debt forgiveness until oral arguments
  • Senate passes bill to enforce deal btw railway companies and unions
  • 7 Senators refuse to sign NDAA unless vote to repeal covid vax mandate
  • "Gender Fluid" Biden staffer faces felony charges for theft of luggage
  • US Marshals rescue 11 missing children in state of Colorado
  • Twitter CEO talks with Apple CEO, confirms that app will remain in App Store

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