• The CHOOSE Act will be voted on in a senate committee next week
  • The gambling bills passed a House committee heads to floor for consideration
  • Loopholes are being found within gambling bill that raise concerns
  • The anti ballot harvesting bill passes senate and heads to AL House
  • All GOP House members from AL vote yes on impeachment of DHS secretary


  • 1 person dead, 21 injured and 3 arrested after shooting at parade in MO
  • Sobering words from President of National Border Patrol council on border
  • 3 Journalists accuse Obama of spying on Trump Advisors thru foreign agencies
  • DHS Mayorkas is the one declining Secret Service protection to RFK jr.
  • Biden's DOE prepares rule requiring public schools to support gender identity
  • Campaign malfeasance complaints filed against Fulton County DA Willis
  • Birds of a feather flock together: Huma Abedin & Alex Soros now dating

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