• Bill by Congressman Moore passes US House re: deporting illegals with DUIs
  • Sen. Tuberville hates the border security package being negotiated in Senate
  • State lawmaker pre-files bill to deal with artificial intelligence and Child porn
  • Regions Bank to layoff less than 3% of its workforce of 20 thousand
  • Radio Icons Rick and Bubba to wrap up 30 years on air at end of 2024


  • Federal reserve met this week, declined to cut interest rates
  • Joe Biden finally decides to visit E. Palestine Ohio - during an election year
  • House Oversight demands docs from National Archives re: Joe Biden speech
  • TX Military hangs flag at HQ - Come and Take It- beneath American Flag
  • FL Governor to send 1,000 national guardsmen to help Texas with border
  • SCOTUS to consider first ever case on bump stocks and firearms
  • Sage Journal study makes direct link between myocarditis and Covid mRNA jab
  • Biden's new appointment of John Podesta to WH is a chance for Americans to review his art collection and association with Marina Abramovich and WAKE UP!

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