• Congressman Moore talks about FBI profiling of traditional Catholics
  • Trial involving Baldwin Cty Bridge company and ALDOT to start this week
  • Warrior Met Coal miners notified by union to start back to work
  • Twinkle Cavanaugh will run for re-election as president of PSC
  • Professor at Samford weighs in on revival there among students


  • Joe Biden foregoes a visit to Ohio and heads to Ukraine instead
  • Donald Trump criticizes Joe, will head to Ohio this Wednesday
  • EPA director Michael Regan cancels celebrity road trip to Africa
  • A massive explosion at metal factory in Ohio, injures 14 workers
  • LA sheriff has suspect in custody re: shooting death of Catholic bishop
  • Youtube throttles Disney documentary with "age restriction" label
  • Tucker Carlson gets security footage from January 6th from House
  • Country of Turkey gets rocked once again by 6.3 m earthquake

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