• Recovery efforts underway in Escambia County after storm hits mobile home park
  • State lawmakers are on a 2 week break from the legislative process
  • Bill passes AL House prohibiting divisive concepts being taught in public schools
  • Athens City school administrator found guilty of fraud in virtual academy enrollment
  • Jefferson county investigation underway after male body is found on Saturday
  • Montgomery church helps buy $25 dollars worth of gas for those in need


  • Justice Clarence Thomas is being treated for infection in a Washington DC hospital
  • Ukraine President suspends all activities of opposition parties within government
  • Liberal feminists dump Democrat party to object to transgenders in women sports
  • Transgender swimmer "Lia" Thomas wins 500 meter freestyle championship
  • Pennyslvania GOP reveal video of ballot harvesting violations in 2020
  • Republican National Committee holds voter registration drives at gas stations
  • Canada's Alberta Minister of Energy says US doesn't have far to go to get cheaper gas

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