• Employees at Southern Poverty Law center hold protest, Will Blakely reports
  • 2 casino gambling bills are pulled from this years legislative process
  • Four men in Dekalb County are facing federal drug charges
  • A Mountain Brook man is charged with setting 2 fires in Elmore County
  • Garth Brooks to hold concert this June in Birmingham
  • Birmingham hits the 100 days or less until World Games begin


  • US Defense officials say that Russian troops are moving out of Chernobyl
  • Contents of Hunter Biden's laptop are officially on Congressional record
  • Journalist Peter Schweizer weighs in on change in media reporting on Biden story
  • ME Senator Susan Collins will vote to confirm Kentaji Jackson Brown to SCOTUS
  • Maine lawyer who ran for governor twice is busted for possession of child porn
  • Poll shows FL voters are in favor of new law despite the label "Don't Say Gay"
  • Actor Bruce Willis diagnosed with Aphasia, will leave acting as a result

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