• State constitutional amendment on Tuesday's ballot fails to pass
  • Sen. Tuberville tells Nikki Haley that time is up, Haley does suspend campaign
  • AG Marshall is opposed to the revision bill of the state's Ethics Act
  • The state senate passes a bill that provides new loan program for institutions
  • Both parties head to runoff race in April re: Congressional District 2 candidate
  • Part 3 of discussion with Angela Shepherd over HB 259 - post election audits


  • NY governor orders National guardsmen to subways to protect citizens
  • Haley's failed campaign spent $114 M with only one state win
  • Mitch McConnell changes tune on Trump, now endorsing as RNC candidate
  • Trump plans to offer play by play of Joe Biden's SOTU speech tonight
  • Hunter Biden to have his public hearing in House on March 20th
  • RNC to meet this Friday and choose next leader as Ronna McDaniels skedaddles
  • Houghton college president says NO MORE to transgender athletes
  • NC Lt. Governor running for governor and takes on transgender movement

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