• Congressman Mo Brooks co-sponsors bill to dissolve the US Dept. of Education
  • Part 3 of Daily Detail interview with Concerned Doctors of Alabama
  • 1819 New reporter details what out of state PACs are influencing AL senate race
  • Bessemer man is convicted by federal jury for running illegal drug operation
  • National Weather Service says 39 tornadoes touched down in AL in 2022 so far


  • SCOTUS rules that Puerto Rico can be given SSI disability funds
  • Joe Biden seeks another 800 million on top of 13 billion sent to Ukraine
  • 26 Republican governors create strike force to battle border related crimes
  • Georgia has a human trafficking case underway involving two state officials
  • FL House passes bill that rescinds special tax status to Disney and its subsidiaries
  • Netflix shares drop by 35 percent in one day
  • CNN+ is being nixed by end of April, live-streaming didn't succeed for network

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