• Bill to cut grocery sales tax now has all members of Senate on board
  • Sen. Tuberville reacts to fellow senator upset over his abortion protest
  • State lawmaker Ofers bill that provides more access to police video
  • Huntsville jury finds Mason Sisk guilty of murder, attorneys plan to appeal
  • Illegal drugs, firearms and a flamethrower seized at Birmingham home
  • Disabled softball pitcher is back on the mound thanks to attorneys
  • Panoply Arts Festival this weekend in Huntsville


  • Train derails in Wisconsin with rail cars with lithium batteries and paint
  • US House passes bill dealing with debt limit, slowing growth of government
  • HHS whistleblower says US government trafficking children at border
  • Donald Trump visits New Hampshire ahead of 2024 primary
  • Tucker Carlson released video statement with millions of views already

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