• Governor Ivey will NOT implement any Title IX changes from Biden administration
  • Sen. Tuberville writes for Newsweek re: Corporate Transparency Act overreach
  • Several controversial bills now scheduled for last days of AL legislative session
  • Child sex trafficking operation is busted up in Morgan County, 3 men arrested
  • Hearing date set for lawsuit against UMC to continue from Harvest Church
  • UMC delegates are holding conference with major rewrite of LGBTQ rules


  • Total of five deaths in midwestern states due to tornado rampage on Sunday
  • G7 leaders meet in Italy, agree to be have zero coal fired plants by 2035
  • WVA to appeal decision from 4th Circuit court on transgender care
  • Ultimatum given to Pro-hamas campers at Columbia- get out or get suspended
  • New CNN poll favors Trump bigly, James Carville curses out independent voters
  • Fulton County DA Willis is NO SHOW for primary debate with challenger
  • Actor Russell Brand is baptized and talking about peace and strength in Christ

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