• ALGOP Chairman is in favor of closed primary voting for Republicans
  • TX Pastor Bart Barber is elected president of Southern Baptist Convention
  • Two Alabama men are now missing in action after joining Ukraine's military
  • Two inmates die at Donaldson Correctional facility, one is considered a homicide
  • Steel City Smooth Jazz Festival returns to this weekend after 5 year pause


  • Dow Jones Industrial Average drops 30 thousand points on Thursday
  • Abortion activists target Detroit Catholic Church with naked protest
  • Joe Biden to send another 1.2 billion dollars to Ukraine, mostly in weapons aid
  • MI Attorney general who is lesbian promotes "Drag Queens in every school"
  • MS Attorney general subpoenas 7 schools districts over intrusive student survey
  • Only 5 out of 50 Senate Democrats willing to say yes Biden should run in 2024

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