• SoS Wes Allen talks about weaponized federal agencies and vote registration
  • AG Marshall to hold town hall re: public schools resisting Biden's Title 9 changes
  • ALFA and its PAC fully endorse Trump for president, saying farmers need help
  • Former FBI agent convicted of rape of a minor while working in Montgomery
  • Arrest of NFL player made in Tuscaloosa on domestic violence charges
  • Aggressive African bees discovered in St. Clair county and destroyed


  • Border patrol confiscates 25 semi automatic weapons en route to Mexican cartels
  • Joe Biden has another onstage freeze up, Barak Obama has to step in
  • Dr. Ben Carson talks Biden's dementia and Americans moving over to Trump
  • TN editor to be in court today re: publication of writings of school shooter
  • NH teacher fired for taking sick leave to help student go get an abortion
  • The Bird flu pandemic is now being rolled out as "imminent and more deadly"

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