• Sen. Tuberville calls for Audit of IVF clinics to uphold safety and respect for life
  • State lawmaker plans to re-offer her "What is a Woman Act" in state session
  • Paul Prine says Mobile city council and mayor are colluding re: investigation
  • Farmers head to Guntersville to voice concerns over 2024 Farm Act
  • Charges are upgraded to murder for illegal alien in Albertville re: DUI death
  • Former Montgomery police chief applying for same position in Austin TX


  • SCOTUS upholds 2017 tax law re: foreign subsidiaries holding $ off shore
  • CBS News engages in "narrative seeding" re: Biden at the upcoming debate
  • FBI raids home of Oakland mayor, same mayor being recalled by citizens
  • LA passes state law requiring 10 commandments posted in all classrooms
  • Boeing 737 engines burst into flames on Malaysia Airlines, forcing return
  • Archbishop Vigano summoned to Vatican for trial of creating schism
  • Klaus Schwab's wet dream of trans humanism resurfaces on social media

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