• Congressman Moore gets to question Special counsel Durham this week
  • Sen. Tuberville has support from 2 female swimmers of bill re: Title IX
  • Committee to redraw congressional map has first meeting next week
  • Montgomery church proceeds with disaffiliation despite UMC rule change
  • Massive drug bust in FL Panhandle will affect Wiregrass in AL
  • Fairhope father takes action on explicit LGBTQ books at public library


  • SCOTUS rules against Navajo Nation in water dispute in Arizona
  • Senate votes down bill to nullify ATF's new rule on pistol braces
  • House votes to censure Adam Schiff for lies about Trump and Russia
  • House committee votes to release IRS docs re: Hunter Biden tax evasion
  • Social media site "Discord" is breeding ground for groomers/pedos
  • Ocean Gate confirms that all 5 on submersible died in implosion

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