• Sen. Britt co-sponsors bill that regulates social media for teens and children
  • AG Marshall and 18 other AGs call on Biden to rescind deferred deportation
  • The ADOC sees latest class graduate 54 new officers for state prisons
  • The NAACP seeks communiques in 2023 redistricting plans in legislature
  • 3 Birmingham men died due to rip currents at Florida beaches


  • Russia shoots down US missiles in Ukraine, killing at least 6 people.
  • 2 illegal aliens from Venezuela murder 12 year old Texas girl
  • Trump holds rally in Philadelphia, brings up the latest TX crime in speech
  • SCOTUS rules 6 to 3 that criminal jury convictions must be unanimous
  • Debate to be held this week, former WH doc calls for drug test for Biden
  • Huge pro life demonstration in Rome garners 30 thousand supporting life
  • Study shows that current EV owners regret not having gas engine cars

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