• Governor Ivey considering solutions to crime problems in Montgomery
  • Congressman Moore co-sponsors bill to streamline foster care system
  • Hearings continue today re: judge shopping by attorneys who sued the state
  • Orange Beach mayor says he doesn't want gambling within 100 miles of coast
  • Dr. Jordan Vaughn testifies to House committee over affects of C-19 vaccine
  • House leader Scott Stadhagen to re-offer bill banning drag shows with minors


  • The debate highlights between Trump and Biden on CNN
  • Speaker Johnson offers report about threat of illegals voting in upcoming election
  • Former Bush staffer says Ukraine has lost to Russia but continues taking US $$
  • A Never Trumper organizer gets arrested in FL for soliciting underage boy
  • OK School superintendent mandates Bible Lessons for 5-12th grade classrooms
  • NY Post says FBI investigating NYC Mayor over past trips to China with aide

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