• The DOJ getting involved in 2014 prison inmate lawsuit out of St. Clair county
  • Sen. Tuberville calls out reckless spending in US senate by Dems & RINOS
  • Public records shows unusual ad buys by ALDOT with left leaning media
  • State Rep. Kelvin Lawrence was arrested and charged with forgery
  • Illegal alien driving intoxicated has put a 6 year old in critical condition
  • Military honors performed for Willie Mays for his service in US Army


  • House speaker promotes doomed SAVE Act for election integrity
  • America First Legal takes issue to states to stop illegals from voting
  • House committee report says trial against Trump was unconstitutional
  • RFK Jr. says family members embarrassed by Joe Biden's debate
  • Trump at FL rally challenges Biden to another debate AND Golf game
  • Nikki Haley officially releases her primary delegates to vote for Trump
  • VA governor wants schools to issue cell phone ban for students
  • Jury selection underway for actor Alex Baldwin and manslaughter charges

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