• AG Steve Marshall says Bibb County officer killing happened due to early release
  • ACLL files amicus brief supporting V-CAP law, DOJ joins plaintiffs filing lawsuit
  • Anniston man arrested in KY after kidnapping elderly lady on July 4th
  • Madison county schools reach consent decree with DOJ Civil rights division
  • Former employees at Austal USA in Mobile file lawsuit over vaccine and loss of job
  • World Games officially begin in Birmingham


  • The Georgia Guidestone monument is gone, explosion takes out key pillar
  • AZ congressman agrees with 6 TX counties that an invasion at border is real
  • KY congressman on House oversight committee says Biden family is compromised
  • Dead hogs in Iowa adds to growing list of death and fires at food processing plants and farms
  • UFC champ talks about client list for Epstein Island
  • White House advisor says the quiet part out loud on the real Biden agenda

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