• Sen. Tuberville says ISIS soldiers are pouring into US from Mexico
  • AG Marshall leads 26 states in amicus brief supporting religious freedom case
  • Lt Gov. says Director of ALDOT is not doing a good job and should be fired
  • GOP candidate calls Dem opponent coward for not talking about Joe Biden
  • Arab family prepares for worst with life of 2 year old found in pool last week


  • Hurricane Beryl did hit US mainland, affecting millions in Houston TX
  • Joe Biden says he's going to be Dem nominee during call with MSNBC
  • WH Press Secretary on the defense as reporters dig into WH visitor log
  • RNC releases 20 platform issues that are in line with Trump's campaign
  • FL Senator reveals the out of control spending within refugee program
  • Boeing reaches settlement over fatal crashes of 737 planes
  • Fugitive from law is found in Iowa after lacking proper bike reflectors
  • Archbishop Carlos Vigano officially excommunicated from church by Pope

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